Early Learning Centre

Early Learning Centre

Welcome to our Early Learning Centre within the Australian International School Dubai, which comprises of a nursery for children 45 days old to 3 years of age, Pre KG and KG1. 

Our Early Learning Centre employ Australian qualified teachers who support and scaffold the learning and development which occurs in this early stage. Our teachers recognise the importance of fostering a love of learning and inquiry, early in a child’s development. They devote focused time and effort to observing and listening to their students so that every child’s unique strengths, interests and abilities are understood.

The diverse range of learning styles, needs and interests are well catered for in our warm, enriching and caring environment. Children feel safe, valued and happy as they explore exciting new ways to learn, play and find their feet at the beginning of this very special educational journey. 

The Australian Early Years Learning Framework guides our pedagogy and practice. Children in AIS Dubai classrooms begin their educational journey through play and a range of provocations for learning.  In our Early Learning Centre you will see children collaborating to explore, experiment and problem solve. Valuing the child's agency is fundamental to our program as children drive the curriculum based on their lines of inquiry. Furthermore, numeracy, literacy and STEAM are integrated into the learning program in a way that is contextually relevant to the children. More information on the Australian Curriculum ‘Early Years Learning Framework for Australia’ and the ‘Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guidelines’ can be found here.

The Australian Early Years Learning Framework works toward five outcomes for our children:

  • A strong sense of identity 
  • Connection with and contribution to their world
  • A strong sense of wellbeing
  • Confident and involved learners
  • Effective communicators 

Based on observations of each child, learning experiences are developed to extend on their interests and enrich the learning and development of all ELC children at AIS Dubai.

Children at AIS Dubai will delight in the joy of learning as they:

  • Build a more confident self-identity, sense of security and trust as well as increasing independence and resilience.
  • Enhance their connectedness as they build positive and respectful relationships with those in their classroom, their community  and an understanding of diversity in all aspects of our world.
  • Take an active learning role as they explore, inquire, collaborate, make choices, solve problems, are creative, imaginative and make meaningful use of technology and ICT.
  • Develop wellbeing as they learn to show care and respect for themselves and others both physically and emotionally.
  • Expand their communication skills as they build significant early literacy and numeracy skills.

AIS Dubai recognises and respects the role parents play as their children’s first educators and as such, seeks to foster a partnership between home and school. Together parents and teachers support children from the beginning of their educational journey through a respectful and communicative partnership.

Children will be placed into the appropriate group based on their age before or on 31 August of the starting academic year. 



Infants45 days - 1 year old
Young Toddlers1 - 2 years old
Older Toddlers2 - 3 years old
Pre KG3 - 4 years old 
KG14 - 5 years old

KHDA offers guidelines for age requirements for enrolment, please see this link for more information.