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Book a School Tour

Book a School Tour

AISD encourages all prospective families to plan a visit to our fantastic school: there's no better way of seeing if AISD is right for you and your children than to experience it in person!

To book a tour and assessment contact our reception and we will contact you as soon as we can.

All assessments are carried out in school during the weekdays depending on the grade your child will be assessed for. School Tours will be held every Thursday. Bookings are essential!

The assessment process is designed to evaluate a child’s potential for future success. We look at the whole child. We evaluate behaviour and attitude.

Applicants are given age-appropriate assessments based on work our current pupils undertake. Students of Arabic nationality or passport from GCC countries must also pass an assessment in Arabic.

Refer to the Admission Requirement Form for more information about transferring from within or outside UAE.

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